Trigger Point Therapy

(Prices from £35-£70)

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

This is when direct pressure is applied onto specific muscle trigger points to alleviate tension, stress and offer  pain relief. I combine pressure, release and breathing techniques to gain optimal results to get the most benefit from this type of treatment. This style of therapy is usually delivered (although not restricted to) as part of a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage.

How will it help me?

It will help to alleviate stubborn pains, niggles, knots, tension and will loosen muscles and joints to move more freely. It is an extremely effective treatment as further pressure is added to enable a far greater and deeper release which will result in pain management.

How many treatments should I have?

Usually for new and acute problems one or two sessions can release the route of the tension. In order to stop these aches and pains to reoccur I would always recommend a session each month or on a six weekly  cycle to support this pain management therapy.

For more stubborn and long standing issues, initially a few sessions quite close together (once or twice a week) should kick-start the release, moving to every other week, before moving to a body maintenance treatment once a month or every six weeks.

With all my treatments, we will discuss your needs and will look at what’s best for you.