Therapeutic Massage

(Prices from £35-£85)

What is Therapeutic Massage?

This type of massage encourages healing benefits as well as relaxation too. Often this type of massage is used as a combination of treatments, for example, if you are currently undergoing physiotherapy or if you want to maintain and to keep in good physical condition (body maintenance), then a therapeutic massage can aid by loosening muscles, increasing flexibility and improving muscle tone.

Therapeutic Massage is suitable for;



Stress (relating to your work or personal life),

People with disabilities,

People suffering from certain medical conditions/ailments (i.e high blood pressure, anxiety, depression)

People who need to get full range of movement back from either an injury/surgery

People that suffer with a lot of tension or bad posture

(Please note that all cases will require a full consultation and some may require special health precautions).

How will it help me?

By combining Remedial Massage and Relaxation (Swedish) Massage it allows for your body to not only be relaxed but also to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself. Using softer and lighter strokes to encourage the muscles and mind to relax, allowing me to apply a firmer pressure, where needed, to combat stubborn issues, increasing oxygenating blood cells to aid repair, reduce swelling, increase mobility to promote body maintenance.

How many treatments should I have?

This will depend on what’s best for you. If you’re starting to feel stressed or anxious and that time is running away with you, sometimes you just have to stop and re-charge. Others find a regular therapeutic massage every month or six weeks is great to help to maintain a balance and healthy preventative lifestyle.

Some people, particularly in a highly stressed work environment, or lifestyle, require a massage weekly in order to regain a healthy balance.

Please contact me directly to discuss any concerns.