Swedish Massage

(Prices from £35-£85)

What is Swedish Massage?

This type of massage focuses on relaxation and wellbeing, using a much lighter pressure and practiced massage techniques to ease away your tired and aching muscles. Soothe your back, neck and shoulders, melting away any tensions, aches, pains or stresses that you carry or choose a full body Swedish Massage, incorporating your arms, hands, legs and feet, for absolute total relaxation.

How will it help me?

This massage technique reduces stress and tension, promotes wellbeing and supports a natural peaceful balance. It will also help to combat insomnia, relieve tension headaches, reduces anxiety and will stimulate oxygenated blood flow to help to naturally heal your body.

Swedish Massage is a great massage technique if you want to feel totally relaxed and revitalised, melting away any pressures you have and will leave you feeling calm, tranquil and stress-free.

How many treatments should I have?

I would always encourage regular massage treatments, be that weekly, fortnightly or monthly, simply to keep equilibrium. Having a Swedish Massage more frequently will increase the benefits greatly, enabling you to feel completely revitalised. In your first consultation we will discuss your lifestyle, commitments, symptoms and what you would like to achieve from your massage. I will put together a suitable treatment plan and suggest realistic timescales tailoring to your specific needs.