Sports Massage

(Prices from £35-£85)

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a more specific massage treatment that works on the anatomy and the physiology of the body, muscles and joints. I have a clear understanding of the stresses and strains that are put on the body through different sports and lifestyles.

I have clients that are golfers, rugby players, footballers, Personal Trainers, runners and athletes that all benefit from this treatment. Sports Massage can also help clients that have strenuous jobs and lifestyles, i.e. gardeners, labourers, dancers, teachers, horse riders, actors, stunt performers, students, busy mums etc.

How will it help me?

By using a very firm pressure, sports massage therapy and muscle release techniques, to warm up the specific muscle groups which will encourage oxygenated blood to flow to the area aiding repair, rejuvenation and injury prevention. If necessary assisted stretches may be added to help to improve; posture, mobility, flexibility and to lengthen shortened or damaged muscle fibres. The main aim for a sports massage is to improve performance to allow your body to reach it’s optimum potential in your chosen field.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

  • To aid repair of a sporting injury
  • To ease and repair repetitive muscle strain through overuse
  • To increase shortened muscles
  • Pre and Post event warm up and recovery
  • To improve performance
  • To eliminate built-up lactic acid caused by high intensity training

How many treatments should I have?

If you are training for a particular event, half /full marathon, triathlon, Ironman, or have a strenuous job/lifestyle or are a frequent gym/exercise enthusiast, you should seek advice from a Sports Massage Therapist to ensure that Sports Massages are scheduled throughout your training programme.

You will certainly feel and notice the benefits after your first treatment. Most clients opt for regular Sports Massage, either weekly, bi-weekly or every 4 – 6 weeks to keep themselves in peak condition and at their best ability wise.

  • Pre-event; this can take place anytime from 30 mins to 24 hrs prior to your event. Combined with your warm up, nutrition and rest a sports massage will help to increase blood flow, increase joint and muscle movement, mobility and flexibility and also help to focus the mind on the upcoming event.
  • Post- event; It’s extremely important after any event, sport or exercise that you stretch thoroughly. Holding each stretch for 20 seconds each will help to return the body to its best function. Inevitably you will get an increase build-up of lactic acid and overused and tired muscles after pro longed events and sports. With a Sports Massage this will help to drain away any excess toxins and fluids by stimulating the body’s natural lymphatic system, increasing oxygenated blood flow aiding a quicker recovery.