Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Prices from £35-£70)

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

This is a lighter form of massage using less pressurised and soft pumping massage techniques, in the direction of your lymph nodes, to stimulate the Lymphatic System, to allow natural elimination of waste and toxins and to boost your immune system.

How will it help me?

This treatment is very effective if you’ve recently had surgery, as postoperative care, or if you suffer from regular colds/flu, have cellulite or suffer with low energy levels.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage offers remedial benefits by;

  • Reducing swelling
  • Encouraging natural flow of lymphatic drainage system
  • Increasing oxygenated blood flow
  • Increasing your immune system
  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Helps rid of built up toxins
  • Aids natural healing and repair

How many treatments should I have?

Often this type of massage is most effective when performed on a regular basis, either  weekly, fortnightly or monthly  In our first meeting I will evaluate, treat and advise depending on the type and the severity of your condition.