Anti-Cellulite Massage

(Prices from £35-£70)

What is Anti-Cellulite Massage?

Anti-Cellulite Massage is a treatment that works by combining Deep Tissue Massage (to break down the fatty deposits and toxins in the muscle fibres) and Lymphatic Drainage Massage (to stimulate the bodies natural ability to elimate these toxins from the body) to improve the appearance of problematic areas, usually thighs, buttocks and stomach.

How will it help me?

This treatment will;

  • Increase circulation
  • Stimulate the Lymphatic Drainage System
  • Increase oxygenated and healthy blood flow, to aid repair
  • Reduce the build-up of toxins and cellulite (fatty deposits)
  • Improve the appearance of dimpled or lumpy areas

How many treatments should I have?

You will visibly see a difference after your first treatment, however for the best results I would suggest 8 – 10 sessions, having either 2 or three per week.